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"Having taught yoga for many years, I try to treat myself to a bit of "me time" and was thrilled to discover Lynne and can wholly recomend her Hot Stones Massages. Recently I have been having specific treatmnet for a shoulder injury and her touch has been highly beneficial for the hesaling process of my body- and spirit.Lynne has years of experience, an excellant empathy with her clients and an open mind,prepared to continue to study and share her knowledge on the human condition."  Marilyn Tomalin, yoga teacher, Oakham

After around 20 years of sleeping badly and the tiredness I associated with it, having taken lots of different tablets from the doctor and various pills & potions of different natural remedies, I thought I had nothing to lose in trying hypnotherapy.

I think my preconception, probably like most peoples would be, was that I would be "out of it" as this is what you see on television with hypnosis. However, it's actually more like a deep relaxation session that I've often experienced within my yoga classes, the only difference being how and what's being said to you.

Following discussion of my history and diet with Lynne we introduced subtle changes to my diet and then, through a two week diet diary, Lynne soon highlighted things in my diet that I reacted well to and not so well to. For me eating a small fillet of mackerel when I was feeling tired was like giving me an energy injection!

This may seem like an obvious/small thing to some, but in the busy world we live in sometimes we don't see, or analyse, what's right in front of us and this focus and change in my diet has been like a light bulb moment that has changed the way I eat but more importantly feel.

My sleep has significantly improved but more importantly my relationship with it has taken a massive leap forward, all due to simply making some changes to my diet. I only needed 3 sessions with Lynne to get me on the right road - if only I'd realised that 20 years ago!

Thanks again Lynne - you've totally turned this on it's head!  Julie Old, County Council. Oakham


Health Routes

Lynne Woods
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