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Nutritional Therapy

Good nutrition has been seen to be fundamental to good health since the beginning of civilization.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”
Hippocrates, Greek physician, 460 BC

What is Nutritional Therapy?
Nutritional therapy is a form of holistic complementary medicine which addresses your dietary needs. Widespread nutritional deficiencies are thought to be the cause of much chronic illness in our society. Healthy, wholesome foods, dietary management and supplementation have been seen, through much scientific research, to be the most potent therapeutic tool in the maintenance of good health and the prevention of disease.

Why use Nutritional Therapy?

There are few ailments that cannot be helped by dietary changes. Weight reduction, depression, stress, menopause, low energy and digestive disorders are just some of the problems helped by good nutrition. Everyone can benefit from improving, increasing beneficial foods and omitting those that compromise our health and drain our energy!

What does a Nutritional consultation involve?

When you book your first appointment you will be given a health questionnaire and a five-day food diary to complete. These will be presented at your first consultation. Your medical and family health history, lifestyle, dietary choices and eating patterns will be explored. Your biochemical makeup, genetic predisposition and unique specific needs are all taken into consideration. Food intolerances and allergies can also be identified and acted upon. The first consultation could last up to 90 minutes. I will make recommendations and may suggest changes to your diet and lifestyle. Diagnostic tests may be advised and supplementation may be necessary depending on your needs.
(Please note these are not included in the consultation fee and will incur an additional cost).
A complete nutritional analysis will then take place using the information gathered and a comprehensive lifestyle and nutritional programme will be compiled. The information will then be forwarded to you and include menus, recipes and any other relevant information. Follow up appointments lasting 60 minutes are usually booked between 2- 4 weeks after the initial consultation to closely monitor your progress.

Prices for Nutritional Therapy

First consultation (90 minutes) £60.00
An indepth look at the clients health, well being and predisposition towards certain health conditions. Recommendations and a full dietary analysis are forwarded to the client after a full investigation is made of the information taken. (A home visit and shopping trip can also be arranged)

Follow up appointments (60 minutes) £40.00
(further consultations to monitor progress)

Some of the health concerns that have been helped by Nutritional therapy

• Chronic fatigue syndrome( ME)
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Allergies, asthma and hay fever
• Insomnia
• Depression and anxiety
• Stress and tension
• Arthritis and joint pain
• Digestive disorders
• Eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
• Headaches and migraines
• Obesity and weight management
• Low immune function
• Low energy
• Blood sugar imbalances
• Menopausal and menstrual problems
• Hormonal imbalances
• High blood pressure and high cholesterol
• Hay fever

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